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love this photo so muchhh

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I always wanted everything to be perfect; friends, plans, school, work… but ive learned im not in control of anything but myself. I will never be perfect but I can put my all into whatever I attempt to do… be beautifully unique ♥ #perfect #bornartist #lifelessons #libra #bornartist
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Always wondered why I never fit in… Only a Queen stand out in a field of many…. #DontBelieveMeJustWatch #NeColeDash #DashDiary #Diversity #ButImNOTaModel #TreamNatural #TeamEMU
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Cant wait until summer ♥
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Hey Love ♥ have a positive and productive day ^_^ #Smile #ItGetsBetter
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@overdosedondance Presents #TheMashUp Drayonce(Beyonce&Dake MashUp) these Dancers have been working hard to bring you something great! And believe me you will love it!!! Also @pulsedanceteam @_patchwerk will be teaming up with them!! #TeamEMU dont Miss this FREE SHOW on Feb 19th, Doors open at 7pm, and its in the Student Center Audtorium

@ND_Updates will be there Capturing this great experience #SeeYouThere
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Happy Birthday Maya-Liza ^_^ you have grown so much within 6 years… more like 6 going on 16 lol. You remind me so much of myself its crazy. Have a amazing birthday!!!!!! Love you soooo much! !!! #tetesbaby #heygirl
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#D9strolloff #TeamEMU https://m.facebook.com/NecoleDashProduction/albums/650020218397468/